4 Steps to Evaluate Subcontractor Performance

Every Builder knows that having a solid specialty subcontractor base can make or break the company. Subcontractors who show-up on time and complete their jobs 100% keep the building schedule moving. Contractors who don’t, create complications and delays that can give the Builder a bad reputation.

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Managing Trade Partner Growth: Why Some Builders Succeed and Others Fail

The last couple of years have been optimistic for homebuilders, with rising home prices and increased margins. However, as pipeline reports lengthen, a new problem has surfaced: the trades struggle to keep up with the increased demand. And, when the subcontractors grow too fast, the building quality can suffer.

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The Strategic Advantage to using Construction Inspection Checklists

A checklist is more than just a few items scribbled on the back of an envelope for the next trip to the grocery store. It’s a communication tool that’s clear and concise, and can have a significant effect on a company’s bottom line. In fact, builders are adopting checklists as a method to mold their employee’s, Trade Partner’s and customer’s perception of the company brand.

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