Construction Punch List Versus Quality Management Checklists

Both construction punch lists and checklists are important components of a quality management program, but neither is sufficient on its own. Construction punch lists are inherently reactive, while checklists are proactive. Understanding the difference between the two and knowing when to use each of them throughout the construction process is critical for successful quality management and for achieving first-time quality.  

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FTQ360 Punch List Automation 2.0

The work with old style punch lists begins in the job trailer where you have to log in your issues, organize them, email them, track them, and following-up. You spend more time in the trailer than on the jobsite. Now, with FTQ360's Punch List Automation feature, you really shouldn’t be spending any time in the trailer at all.

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Handling Open Deficiencies and Punch Lists on Inspections

With FTQ360, you can see a list of a contractor’s open deficiencies across any number of inspections, punch lists, and corrective actions, all in one place. The software does the work of scanning for open items and corrective actions across all inspections and puts them all on one list.

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