Construction Quality: How to Know if Your Business is Advancing


At FTQ360, we’re on a mission to help everyone achieve First Time Quality construction and that’s why we’re sponsoring the Advancing Construction Quality conference again this year. With almost fifty speakers and a packed three-day agenda, we think this event in Nashville, Tennessee is going to be the best one yet.

At last year’s conference, our CEO Ed Caldeira led a session entitled: Assessing Your Quality Program – Where You Are and How To Up Your Game. 

Along with Jason Suarez, Quality Manager at Henkels & McCoy, Ed covered a number of key topics and challenges facing the construction industry:

  • Understanding why most quality program initiatives fail to get traction.
  • Evaluating your quality program in relation to your peers and construction industry best practices.
  • Developing an action plan to get your program to the next level.
  • Reviewing how Henkels & McCoy got traction for their national quality program and how they use FTQ360 to up their game.

At that session, we introduced our brand-new Construction Quality Management – Maturity Model based on our wealth of experience and leading industry best practices.

The model was well received by everyone and widely considered to be an important step forward in the advancement of construction quality. Our Construction Quality Management – Maturity Model is designed to help organizations assess and improve their quality management system and construction quality processes, and to guide them towards achieving higher levels of maturity in their quality practices.

Never ones to stand still, we are upping our own game at the conference in 2019.

Your Complete Guide to Achieving First Time Quality Excellence

We want to help people that already take construction quality seriously but that need a bit of extra help, so we created a new e-Book entitled: Your complete guide to achieving First Time Quality excellence.

This concise guide highlights the advantages of implementing a First Time Quality program and dispels common misconceptions that can hinder the development of a professional quality program, particularly in the context of construction projects. It emphasizes the importance of construction quality control and quality assurance to ensure that high standards are met consistently throughout the project lifecycle.

We explain how to get the basics right and create an action plan to get you to the next level. We believe that with FTQ360, you really can build it right the first time, every time.

The Maturity Assessment Questionnaire

At this year’s event, we are officially launching the FTQ360 Construction Quality Management – Maturity Assessment and encouraging people to take the test to find out how their quality program stacks up today and to help figure out exactly what they need to do to improve it in the future.

Expanding on the Maturity Model presented at last year's Advancing Construction Quality conference, which outlined four levels of maturity in construction quality management, namely Basic, Professional, Advanced, and Expert, we have developed a concise yet effective multiple-choice questionnaire that evaluates the ten critical aspects of construction quality management.

These areas include organization, management, strategy, accountability, planning, processes, controls, measurement, improvement, and technology, and are integral to ensuring optimal outcomes in construction projects. The questionnaire is designed to assess the effectiveness of the construction quality management process across the various stages of the construction process.


Take the test

To take your own test now, just visit the FTQ360 Construction Quality Management – Maturity Assessment and get started or read our recent blog post How to assess the maturity level of your Quality Management program for more information.

Since the last Advancing Construction Quality conference, we’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about what makes FTQ360 software the best construction quality management software available today and the kind of construction professionals that would really find it valuable.

Put simply, people that take quality management seriously want to use the best tools available to them and don’t want to compromise their performance by using generic construction software that isn’t up to the job. This is why they opt for specialized software like FTQ360, which offers a comprehensive construction quality management plan and quality management systems to streamline their quality management processes.

We’ve designed our platform with a number of advanced software features that meet the specific needs of ambitious quality managers and construction leaders. So, the theme of our stand this year is all about getting serious with quality. Our new headline ‘If you’re serious about quality, you need serious quality management software’ captures this idea perfectly.

If you’re attending the Advancing Construction Quality conference, please feel free to drop by our stand where you can discover the FTQ360 Software Platform for yourself. FTQ360 is serious software built by construction quality experts for construction quality professionals. It offers a comprehensive suite of quality control procedures and construction quality management processes that comply with the highest quality standards in the industry.

We hope you found this blog article interesting and useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. At FTQ360, we're serious about quality. If you are too, we'd love to talk.

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