3 Tips to Improve Your Quality Control Software for Construction


Construction quality control

If you're a construction manager, you know that construction quality control (QC) is crucial to every project. After all, QC is what ensures that the project meets the required specifications and standards. But what happens when customers need a project-specific QC plan and expect you to manage your own quality? In such cases, it's essential to set three goals: turnkey templates for consistent QC inspections, planning of project-specific inspections, and automatic tracking of quality control progress.


Let's take a closer look at each of these goals.

Turnkey Templates for Consistent QC Inspections

The primary goal is to establish turnkey templates for consistent construction quality control inspections. These templates, encompassing crucial details such as date, time, location, and inspection type, ensure uniformity across projects of varying size and scope. To enhance this process, the integration of specialised quality management software is vital, acting as both a tool for streamlined template use and a comprehensive quality management solution. This software facilitates efficient inspection processes, guaranteeing adherence to quality control protocols. Additionally, effective training management practices further bolster the proficiency of inspection procedures, ensuring personnel are well-prepared to utilise the templates and maintain high-quality standards.


Forward Planning of Project-Specific Inspections

The second goal is to forward plan all project-specific inspections. This means planning out all the inspections that need to be carried out before the project even starts. This will ensure that all inspections are carried out promptly and that there are no delays in the project. It also allows you to schedule inspectors in advance to be available when needed.

Automatically Track Project QC Progress

The third objective revolves around the automated tracking of project construction quality control progress. This entails the deployment of sophisticated software specifically designed for systematic monitoring of all quality control (QC) activities. The software serves the crucial function of promptly alerting stakeholders to any deviations from the established plan, ensuring a proactive response to maintain project integrity. Central to this goal is the implementation of an effective quality management system (QMS), providing the structural foundation for seamless tracking processes.

Complementing this, specialised quality management system software enhances the automation of QC monitoring, offering real-time insights for swift corrective actions and upholding construction quality standards. Additionally, the integrated system captures and analyses essential quality data, furnishing a comprehensive overview of the project's quality control progress.

Getting these three goals right accords you the following benefits:

  1. A consistent construction quality control inspection process across all projects.

  2. Real-time visibility into construction quality control progress and challenges

But what kind of software should you use to achieve these goals? Look for a quality management system that includes the features listed below.

"3-Phase of Control" military Quality Assurance/Quality control (QAQC)

The "3-Phase of Control" military QAQC compliant is a system that helps managers ensure the quality of their construction projects. The system has three phases: preparatory, initial, and daily report inspections. Managers set up the inspection process in the preparatory phase and gather the necessary materials. In the initial phase, managers conduct the actual inspection and document any problems. In the final phase, managers track and follow up on any outstanding issues. 

Learn more about FTQ360'S 6 Essential QAQC Functions For Construction Projects

Inspector dashboards

Inspector dashboards help construction companies keep track of upcoming QC inspections and quickly start inspecting projects when needed. Good construction quality control software includes inspector dashboards that list all upcoming inspections and a click-to-start button that makes it easy to get started inspecting a project. This helps construction managers stay on top of their quality control inspections and makes it easy to get up to speed on new projects quickly.

Inspection Test Plan (ITP) progress screen displays

The Inspection Test Plan (ITP) progress screen displays the percent complete for every planned inspection, project phase, and overall project. This allows you to easily track the progress of your quality control efforts and ensure that all inspections are completed on time.

Additionally, the ITP progress screen can help you identify potential problems early in the project and fix them before they cause serious delays.

ITP management dashboards

Utilizing Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) management dashboards is integral to efficiently monitor inspection progress and deviations from the plan. These dashboards serve as a centralised repository for comprehensive inspection-related information, detailing responsible parties, scheduled timings, and results. To enhance this process, the incorporation of audit management functionalities into the dashboards ensures a thorough examination of inspection practices, facilitating compliance checks and robust assessments. Simultaneously, the integration of risk management features empowers proactive identification and mitigation of potential risks associated with inspections, bolstering the overall quality control framework.

This information can be used to quickly identify any potential problems with the inspection process and correct them before they cause significant delays or cost overruns.


Gantt chart scheduling tool

A Gantt chart scheduling tool allows construction managers to schedule quality control inspections and easily assign inspectors for each one. This helps ensure that all inspections are completed on time and that the right people are assigned to conduct them.

Gantt chart scheduling tool

(Image source: theconstructor.org)

Completed inspections automatically posted to the project inspection plan

In addition to making it easy to track progress, a robust quality management system automatically updates the project inspection plan with completed inspections. This feature saves construction managers the time and effort of manually updating the plan and helps ensure that no inspections are missed or forgotten.

Do it all with FTQ360 Construction Quality Control Software

FTQ360 is a construction quality management system that helps construction companies ensure the quality of their projects. The application features all the functionalities listed above and much more. FTQ360 for construction companies and professionals also comes with the following standard features:

  • Streamlined Communications: Issue communications can be a massive headache for construction managers. Miscommunications can lead to delays, cost overruns, and even safety problems. FTQ360 includes features that help construction managers streamline issue communications. Project team members can easily report and track construction quality issues, ensuring they are quickly addressed and resolved.

  • Pre-loaded inspection checklists: FTQ360 comes with pre-loaded inspection checklists for various construction industries, making it easy to set up your quality control plan and inspections.

  • Consistent Processes: FTQ360 helps construction managers standardize their quality processes, ensuring consistency across all projects.

  • Documented Compliance: The system includes a document control feature that helps construction managers ensure compliance with quality standards and regulations.

  • Comprehensive Construction Project Quality Plans: FTQ360's construction project quality plans include all the necessary project-specific information, such as the construction phase, inspection requirements, and team members responsible for each task.

  • Built-in safety compliance and risk reduction: In construction, quality and safety go hand in hand. FTQ360 helps the construction industry ensure compliance with safety regulations and reduce project safety risks.

  • Powerful Analytics, Dashboards and Reports: FTQ360's dashboards and reporting features provide construction managers with a clear overview of the project's quality performance, allowing them to address any issues quickly.

  • Proactive defect reduction functions and tools: The system includes features that help construction professionals proactively identify and address potential defects, reducing the likelihood of costly rework.

If you're looking for a construction quality management system that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your construction company's quality control processes, consider using FTQ360. Sign up for a free demo today.


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