What is Project Productivity Assurance and Control (PPAC) on Construction Projects?

What is Project Productivity Assurance and Control (PPAC) on Construction Projects?


Chaos on a construction jobsite is the opposite of productivity. It might appear as random events and feel like construction as usual, yet dedicated field personnel spend most of their time dealing with these avoidable problems. The same issues keep coming up time and again: job-ready issues, work-to-complete, deficiencies, damage, late deliveries, and more. 

This chaos occurs at every stage of the project lifecycle from design through turnover.  

How Big is the Chaos Problem?

Finding out for yourself is a real eye-opener. Ask a cross-section of field people three very simple questions:
1. How much of your typical day is spent dealing with avoidable problems that could have been prevented?” 
2. Can you give me a recent example?
3. Have you seen something like that before?

A picture will emerge showing that chaos events are not only a big part of everyone’s day but also the single most time-consuming part of their day. This is something you must discover for yourself because you will not believe the scale of the chaos if I tell you.

Recognize your discovery for what it really is: a huge untapped cost reduction opportunity that is hidden in plain sight. 

What is Productivity Assurance and Control (PPAC)?

Productivity Assurance and Control (PPAC) eliminates jobsite chaos by cutting avoidable problems and ensuring it is built right the first time, at every stage of construction. 

PPAC is based on the belief that construction deficiencies and problems are preventable. Whatever your current levels, they can be improved. It is no longer acceptable to make the same mistake repeatedly. 

Building it right the first time with First Time Quality (FTQ) is the highest level of performance, and PPAC aims to achieve this more and more often. 
Some vendors, crews, and subcontractors are better than others. Likewise, some superintendents and projects are more successful at preventing deficiencies than others. The goal is to help everyone progress towards building it right the first time, every time.

We believe that measuring First Time Quality is the best way to assess and ultimately improve chaos-free performance. 
If you’re serious, your goal should always be 100%.

About FTQ360

FTQ360 software helps growing construction companies eliminate jobsite chaos by digitizing time-tested inspection and QAQC best practices, enabling them to cut avoidable deficiencies in half, year over year.

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