How to Digitize Your Construction Daily Reports 


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When it comes to construction projects, having a digitized daily report is essential for managing the various activities and tasks involved. A digital construction daily report is a record-keeping system that stores reporting items in digital format. However, from the point of view of digital transformation, not all digital technologies – for example, spreadsheets – are appropriate for daily construction reports.

When we talk of digitizing daily construction reports, we are referring to a complete paradigm shift from digitization to digitalization, where digital technologies are used to alter construction processes and enhance construction productivity.

The eventual goal is digital transformation, which uses emerging technologies to streamline construction processes and improve efficiency.

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When Does a Construction Manager Need a Digitized Daily Report? 

A construction manager may need a digitized construction daily report for several reasons, including:

  • Stay in control of deficiencies: A construction manager relies on a construction daily report to gain control of any issues or problems that may arise during a project. This allows the construction manager to track the project's progress effectively and make necessary adjustments to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

  • The project lacks a documented process for tracking and managing deficiencies: A construction daily report also serves as a way to document and communicate any issues or challenges that arise during construction, enabling the construction manager to work with stakeholders and other project crew members to address these issues.

  • When spreadsheets are no longer sufficient: In addition to tracking construction processes in a digital format, construction managers also need to access and analyze data and construction reports quickly. This is where spreadsheets fall short, as they cannot provide the real-time construction analytics and insights that project owners in the construction industry needs.

Functional Goals of Digitized Construction Daily Reports

There are two main functional goals of a digitized construction daily report:

  • A construction daily report facilitates timely communication of construction issues, allowing construction managers to identify and address problems quickly.

  • A construction daily report is also a powerful tool for organizing construction data, enabling the project owner and construction managers to more efficiently manage construction projects, plan future construction activities, and make sound decisions based on data-driven insights.

Key Benefits of Digitized Construction Daily Reports

Some of the key benefits of digitized construction daily reports include:

  • A daily construction report allows the project owner and construction managers to easily track construction performance and hold subcontractors accountable for fixing deficiencies. This helps ensure quality construction work and timely project completion.

  • In addition to tracking construction activities in real-time, a digitized construction daily report also provides actionable insights into how much progress has been made, as well as common construction issues and problems. This helps the poroject owner and construction managers identify and address recurring construction issues, improving construction quality and efficiency.

FTQ360 Digital Features for Digitized Daily Reports. 

With its powerful construction analytics capabilities and real-time tracking of construction activities, FTQ360 digital is a natural choice for construction managers looking to digitize their daily construction reports. Some of the key features include the following:

Document Project Activity with Panoramic Photo Surveys and Videos 

One of the advantages of digitizing your reports is that you can include more than just text descriptions of construction activity – you can also include photo documentation. This is where FTQ360 really shines, with its ability to document project progress and activity with panoramic photo surveys and videos. This provides a much more complete picture of construction progress than text descriptions alone. Not only does this allow for greater transparency and accountability, it makes it easier to identify potential issues and correct them before they cause delays or cost overruns. 

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Manpower Reporting  

Manpower is one of the most critical factors in any construction project – it's essential to have accurate data on who is working on the project at any given time. FTQ360 makes manpower reporting easy, with the ability to track employees by name, trade, and job function. This data can then be used to generate accurate payroll reports, as well as to monitor project productivity and identify potential issues early on. 

Delivery Receipt with Photo Documentation of Material and Bill of Lading

Another advantage of digitizing your daily reports is that you can include photos and other documentation, such as delivery receipts, bills of lading, and material manifests. This helps to ensure that all deliveries are accounted for and that there is a paper trail in case of any discrepancies. Including this type of documentation also makes it easier to track project costs and avoid costly surprises later on. 

Equipment Reporting

In addition to manpower, another crucial factor in any construction project is the equipment being used. Accurate data on equipment utilization can help improve productivity and avoid costly downtime due to equipment malfunctions or maintenance issues. FTQ360 makes equipment reporting easy, with the ability to track utilization by machine type, operating hours, fuel consumption, and more. 

Daily Safety Audit with Checkpoints for PPE and Hazard Controls

Safety is always a top priority on any construction site, and digitized daily construction reports can help improve safety compliance by providing a standard checklist of safety checkpoints completed daily. This helps to ensure that all employees are properly equipped with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and that all potential hazards have been identified and controlled. In addition, regular safety audits can help identify potential issues early on so that corrective action can be taken before an accident occurs. 

Deficiency Reporting on the Daily Report

Last but not least, deficiency reporting is an important part of any digitized construction daily report. By documenting deficiencies as they are discovered, you can avoid potential problems later on by ensuring that they are addressed promptly. Additionally, having a record of past deficiencies can help you avoid repeating mistakes on future projects. 

With FTQ360, you can easily report construction defects using a construction daily report template and track their status using the built-in issue tracking system. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you can enjoy the many benefits of digitizing your construction daily report. So why not request a free demo today to see how we can help you streamline your construction reporting process?​


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