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Construction is a dangerous business. One mistake can lead to an injury, or worse, fatalities. The construction industry has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the most dangerous in the world. For that reason, job site safety should be one of your top priorities. But how can you conduct a thorough job safety analysis? We will look into that today. What construction management software should you use for it? We will look into that today.

According to the most recent statistics from the US Bureau of Labor, every day, an average of 2 construction trades workers (771 annually) dies due to a workplace accident at construction sites in the US.

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FTQ360 construction safety software is the solution you need to keep your workers safe and your projects on track. From the project planning stage all the way to its execution, we've got you covered. Our cloud-based construction software helps you manage quality control from start to finish, with features like risk assessment tools, real-time incident tracking, and more.

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What Is Construction Safety Management Software?

Safety management software is an application that provides construction professionals and construction companies with the tools they need to help manage construction site health and safety and overall project quality and it can enable regulatory compliance. The tool is available as a web, desktop, and mobile app. A construction site safety program helps owners/operators save time and money by improving worker performance through compliance with industry safety and quality standards as well as construction project management tools.

This blog post discusses eight benefits of our next-generation construction safety management software and the importance of a safety culture.

Streamlined Communications

Communication is quick and easy. Keep track of your deficiencies by eliminating needless activities and automating critical operations. Manage all the necessary documentation with your team without errors. If you're serious about quality, focusing on automating your communications and streamlining your processes is an excellent place to start. Here's what the FTQ360 software can do for you:

  • Safety incidents and quality deficiencies are visible on the inspection screen immediately.

  • Subcontractors receive notifications automatically.

  • Corrections to subcontractors are recorded remotely.

  • Reports and dashboards that summarize your tasks for you are available immediately.

  • Reminders are set automatically for overdue items.

Pre-loaded Construction and Safety Checklists

There are always hundreds of inspection checklists available to you. Our tried-and-tested interactive checklists can help you start your professional safety and quality program off on the right foot. Inspections are mandatory in quality management, so having a comprehensive collection of checklists is handy.

The FTQ360 safety management software comes with over 500 pre-tested checklists that you may use and customize to your needs:

  • Everything you require for quality inspections straight out-of-the-box

  • General construction checklists

  • Specialty construction trades checklists

  • Easily modifiable forms for personalized checklists

  • More than twenty technical checkpoint formats

    Learn more about FTQ360'S 6 Essential QAQC Functions For Construction Projects

Consistent Processes

Inspections from the entire team must be accurate. So, control your inspection procedure and get reliable results every time — from experts to novices alike. You know that dependability and consistency are critical if you're serious about safety and quality.

The FTQ360 construction safety management software comes with sophisticated technology-enabled tools to help you stay organized and in command:

  • Consistent inspections every time

  • Accountability for inspections

  • Verify that each inspection is legitimate and accurate

  • Manage the completion of reviews, permissions, and sign-offs at the end of a project.

  • Real-time inspection activity monitoring

Documented Compliance

With FTQ360, you can authoritatively prove project compliance. As a result, you enhance your credibility with customers, avoid non-compliance difficulties and ensure you comply with all relevant safety laws and regulations. Customer satisfaction is a grave concern in construction and providing simple-to-read inspection reports and proof-positive compliance documents goes a long way in easing client concerns.

The FTQ360 software platform includes comprehensive inspection reports:

  • Create high-quality inspection reports with ease.

  • Document the project's compliance with required standards and regulations.

  • Reports can have time and location-stamped images.

  • Use detailed activity logs to verify that work is complete.

  • Reports are automatically backed up to the project's repository.

Comprehensive Project Quality Plans

FTQ360 provides comprehensive inspection and test plans that help you meet your quality objectives for the long term. Professional-grade planning will help you keep your quality program on track and address project-specific hazards promptly.

Inspection and test plans are baked right into the process with the FTQ360 construction safety software platform:

  • Create uniform quality procedures for all projects.

  • Choose the best plan for your particular project's requirements.

  • Ensure that all requirements are met and that inspections are carried out on time.

  • Automatically send progress and exception reports.

  • It fully adheres to the ISO 9001 quality lifecycle standards.

Integrated Safety

With FTQ360, you maintain a single platform for both your quality and safety programs to minimize risks and maximize compliance. With the platform's powerful safety check features, you can pinpoint problem areas and concentrate improvement efforts where they are needed most.

  • OSHA-compliant safety reporting is consistent.

  • Positive follow-up on action items based on the observations

  • Concentrate on injury-free safety performance.

  • Injury prevention based on risk

  • ISO 45000 certification is fully supported.

Powerful Analytics

Construction software buyers and professionals know the value of dashboards and reports that are both insightful and performance-driven. Make more informed judgments with sophisticated performance evaluation and management tools.

The standard FTQ360 Software Platform includes robust quality and safety performance assessment and reporting tools.

  • Focus your efforts on areas with the most commercial potential

  • Set performance objectives for individuals, teams, and projects.

  • Quantify the benefits of quality initiatives.

  • Identify safety training and coaching needs.

Reduced Deficiencies

FTQ360 comes with inbuilt defect remediation techniques and tools that project managers can use proactively to improve their construction management processes. By methodically preventing faults, you'll achieve first-time quality every time.

Finding and eliminating cost overruns for most construction firms is a major challenge. As a result, the best quality management teams must proactively eliminate costly deficiencies.

The FTQ360 safety software includes sophisticated defect reduction technology that also provides risk prevention tools:

  • Deficiencies are identified and ranked in order of severity automatically.

  • Drill down into the details of a problem to find its underlying causes.

  • Identify safety training needs of field teams.

  • Make sure inspectors pay attention to high-priority checkpoints.

  • When follow-up is needed, FTQ360 can automate the process.

Safety is always a top priority in the construction industry, and with good reason. The potential for injuries on the job can be very high, which is why it's so important to have the proper safety software in place.

FTQ360 has been deemed the best construction management by several reputable figures. Explicitly designed with construction companies in mind and offers a range of benefits that can help keep your team be safe and productive.

If you're not currently using safety software in your business, we encourage you to sign up for a free demo of FTQ360 today. You won't regret the investment in this powerful tool.

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