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Construction quality software

Maintaining project quality is a critical aspect of construction management.

In fact, research shows that inadequate quality can cost a construction business a significant 12 to 15%  of its contract value. As such, ensuring compliance with project quality standards is not just an aspiration – it's a necessity. In this evolving digital era, the effective management of construction projects and the utilization of specialized construction quality control software are becoming increasingly integral to ensuring quality and guaranteeing success in the construction industry.

Below is an in-depth look at how construction management software is revolutionizing quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) in the industry. 

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The Crucial Role of Construction Project Management Software 

According to a study conducted by FMI Corporation, 35% of all construction costs are attributed to wasteful activities, many of which are tied directly to quality errors. It is here that construction management software has risen to prominence, serving as an invaluable tool to improve quality management to prevent and mitigate losses. 



By leveraging inspection and quality management software, project managers can streamline and optimize quality control, ensure compliance with industry standards, reduce risks, and improve customer satisfaction. From automating routine tasks to ensuring the highest quality standards are met consistently, construction management software is transforming quality management for the better. 

Checklist Inspections

With FTQ360's QAQC Software, checklist inspections play a crucial role in maintaining project quality.

These checklists, configured for specific project tasks, systematically document work completion in accordance with project requirements. They serve as a roadmap for inspections, providing a clear, comprehensive list of checkpoints based on potential issues and key requirements. 

Checklist inspections play a pivotal role for construction companies, particularly in the realm of document management and the oversight of multiple projects. Notably, they facilitate and standardize consistent inspection processes throughout the construction project, ensuring uniformity and quality control, regardless of an individual inspector's experience or competency levels. This, in turn, effectively mitigates the risk of errors in the construction process

These inspections span all stages of a project, from pre-construction document reviews to system startups. By ensuring a rigorous, continuous inspection process, FTQ360 helps companies maintain high quality, increase customer confidence, and minimize the risk of project delays or cost overruns due to construction project deficiencies. 

Harnessing Project-Specific QAQC Plans 

While checklist inspections ensure quality at the task level, project-specific QAQC plans focus on the bigger picture. These plans detail the required inspections and tests for each phase of the project, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of all involved stakeholders. 

Without a robust QAQC plan, construction projects are prone to chaos, increased risks, and potential disasters.

For example, a report by McKinsey found that large construction projects typically take 20% longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80% over budget due to issues like missed inspections.  

Estimated overrun in capital expenditure

However, with a robust quality management system in place you can automate your QAQC processes from start to finish, ensuring that all specifications and requirements are met at every stage of project delivery, helping you stay on schedule and on budget. 

The Value of Digital QAQC Plans for Construction Projects

Implementing digital project-specific QAQC plans is paramount when quality levels vary between projects, inspections and tests are overlooked, traditional spreadsheet methods become unmanageable for large projects, or when clients require a detailed QAQC plan. Proactive planning ensures quality is embedded at every stage of the project, leading to consistent and superior outcomes. 

For instance, consider a large project. The Quality Manager identifies 50 work tasks that need inspection and 20 tests required by specifications and product manufacturer instructions. The utilization of construction management software offers project management features and construction management tools, enabling real-time tracking to ensure that no inspection or test is missed as the project progresses. This comprehensive approach ensures quality control and reduces potential risks effectively.

Key Features of Digital QAQC Plans 

When selecting quality management software, there are several essential features you should look for: 

  1. Comprehensive Inspection and Testing Coverage: Your software should be capable of incorporating all required inspections and tests, including third-party inspections, laboratory test reports, and hold points. 
  1. Standardized Templates: Master QAQC templates allow for consistency across similar projects, streamlining the process and increasing efficiency. 
  1. Progress Tracking: The software should provide real-time progress tracking to keep all stakeholders informed of what has been inspected, what is currently being inspected, and what needs to be inspected next. 
  1. Alerts for Deviations: A vital feature is a system that alerts project teams to any deviations from the plan, facilitating quick remediation and ensuring the project stays on track. 

Discover the Power of FTQ360: Your Solution for First-Time Quality Excellence 

The construction industry is all about precision and excellence, and we understand that you are always seeking ways to raise your game.

FTQ360 is the perfect companion on this journey, helping you streamline communication, expedite processes, improve compliance, and manage safety concerns efficiently. It is time to reduce deficiencies and focus on proactive prevention, bringing you closer to first-time quality excellence. 

With FTQ360, you gain access to hundreds of pre-loaded checklists, facilitating a professional approach to quality management right from the outset. Not only are these checklists tried and tested, but they are also easily adaptable, allowing for personalization to suit your unique project requirements. 

Beyond inspections, FTQ360 offers a comprehensive solution that serves as both a construction quality control system and an advanced project management tool. By integrating the best project management software, it equips you with powerful analytics, providing a clear and data-driven picture of performance across various projects, teams, and individual members. This data-driven approach empowers you to make more informed decisions and efficiently streamline your path toward achieving quality excellence.

But the journey does not end here.

FTQ360 is your solution for maintaining safety standards. With OSHA-compliant safety reporting and a focus on injury prevention, you can ensure your project not only meets quality expectations but is also a safe environment for all. 

At its core, FTQ360 is about proactive improvement. This is evident in its advanced defect reduction system, which allows you to automate follow-ups, identify training needs, and prioritize checkpoints based on risk. With the ability to analyse root causes and monitor results, FTQ360 is all about continuous growth, ensuring your projects evolve towards ever-increasing quality standards. 

However, do not just take our word for it.

We invite you to visit our web page to learn more about FTQ360's Six Essential QAQC Software Functions for Construction Projects so you can see for yourself how it can elevate your quality management program. Talk to our experts, to answer any questions you may have and to guide you through the software. 

Remember, in an industry where quality makes all the difference, FTQ360 is your sure-fire way to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to managing construction projects safely and successfully.

Learn more about FTQ360'S 6 Essential QAQC Functions For Construction Projects

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